Friday, August 31, 2007

Back to blogging

New posts on our blog! Sorry ran into a little snag with this whole blogging thing. Somehow I managed to get locked out of our own blog. For some reason Google had us merge our blogger account with our google; and presto it wouldn't let me in any more. Still not sure what happened, but after some frustation and a few E-mails to google support we're back in business. Now you know why it took over a month to get Bryson's B-day pics up (well that's my excuse anyway)

Just some random pics of the boys and how they spend their last few days of summer. Cason loves to dress-up and pretend to be a power ranger.


He's armed and ready for battle, who better to save the world!

Bryson likes to dress-up as Elvis and give concerts through out the house. (Yes, that is the Elvis costume he wore for Halloween when he was 4.)

Bryson's 8th Birthday

Bryson wanted to have a NASCAR party for his 8th Birthday.

Jolie Hoffnagle (Tucker & Cory's mom) made the cake. Hey look Tony's winning!

Yum, we had chick-fil-a chicken nuggets to eat. (A personal favorite of the birthday boy)

Alex Wall & Bryson.

Bryson & Tucker

Cason and Cory


Enjoying Bryson's Birthday party.

Granddaddy eating chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-a.

Olivia liked the nuggets too!

Cason even got a gift!

PawPaw and GawGaw came later that day with even more presents.

I think Nana likes Bryson's new hat!

Birthday presents!

One of the best parts about a Birthday party, the presents!!

Bryson got a lot presents; I may even let him play with some of them, after I play with them of coarse.

Reading the cards!

Let the opening begin!

Bryson really got "into" unwrapping his gifts.

apples to apples is one of Bryson's favorite games! I wonder how the walls knew that.

Elvis & Tony gifts

Bryson got quite a haul of presents; he especially liked the ones that had Elvis or Tony on them!!

Nana & Poppa got him an Elvis lunchbox.

Wow, an Elvis CD!

Nana got him a TCB (taking care of business) lightning bolt pendant necklace. Now we have some real Elvis "Bling"!!

Tony is still our favorite NASCAR driver! (I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that he's both Nana's & Cherise's favorite too)

Tony Stewart hat and beach towel, now we're talking!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Vacation to Memphis

Everything (and probly alot more) that you ever wanted to know about our vacation to Memphis. Our picnic on our way to Memphis.

The scenery was beautiful, and the mosquitos were huge!

Crossing the Mississippi into Memphis.

Dining at the Bigfoot Lodge (home of a 4lb hamburger).

We had fun making s'more right at our table!

The Heartbreak Hotel

Arriving in Memphis where we stayed at the Heartbreak Hotel. The Heartbreak Hotel really was at the end of lonely street!

Sign on the front of the hotel.

The heart broken pool. (as seen from our room)

The TV in the front lobby that played Elvis movies 24/7.

Our room & half naked child! The TV in our room also had 3 Elvis channels.

Inside the Heartbreak Hotel

Pictures from our stay at the Heartbreak Hotel. Cason in the hotel's "jungle room" (bar); don't worry it's just cherries and sprite.

Bryson & Nana are excited to be here!

Wade & Cason in the pool.

Cason & Pappa in the dining area.

Cason & Bryson posing with Elvis's picture.


We've arrived at Graceland, let the fun begin! Cason & Nana infront the Graceland welcome sign.

Bryson's ready for the tour to begin!

Cason & Wade shared a head-set.

Nana & Pappa waiting for the tour shuttle.

Cherise & Bryson at the front of the line.

Arriving at Graceland

Welcome to Graceland! Plaque at entrance.

Entrance into Graceland.

Side view on house.
A view from behind.

The rest of the property & stable.

Inside Graceland

The tour of Gracelands interior. The front den and/or living room.

The couch.

Elvis's parents room. (their portrait)

Their bedroom.

The dining room.