Monday, January 28, 2008


Okay, so I NEED to be working hard on preparing for my Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow. However, I read a HILARIOUS story on my sweet friend's family blog yesterday and I just have to share. This is a true story about a conversation between my friend's brother and his 2 yr old son. On Friday, "dad" was driving in the car with all of their 5 children and praying with them. It was "2 yr.old sons" turn to pray and here it is as "mom" recapped it on the blog:

Dad: Thank you for Jesus.
Son: Thank you for Jesus.
Dad: Jesus is our Joy.
Son: Jesus is our Joy.
Dad: Jesus is our Peace.
Son: Jesus is our Peace.
{there were more, but we will fast forward}
Dad: Jesus is our Happiness.
Son: Jesus is our Happy penis...

"Mom" said the prayer ended there.
I thought you all would enjoy this.
I am off to save the world from weight issues.
I hope you all have a HAPPY day tomorrow!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Racing and Random Thoughts

First of all, thank you to everyone for your prayers and sweet comments on behalf of my family. Please continue to pray for my Aunt Jean and cousins Patricia, Rick and Vickie as they deal with the aftermath of the tragedy.

This week was a much better week. Just more of the same as far as our life goes. On Thursday, the boys and I got to go to my Mom's retirement party. It was there that she FINALLY got to open her gift from Cheryl and I. You see, I have been dying to shout from the rooftops...of my blog..that MOM AND I ARE GOING TO A NASCAR RACE IN APRIL! Oh, Dad and Wade are going to. I don't think they are nearly as excited about it as Mom and I. We are on the FRONT ROW, in the FRONTSTRECH, right across from the exit of PIT ROAD. I will clarify for all of you NASCAR lay people that those are REALLY GREAT SEATS!!!! My wonderful sister-in-law has already agreed to watch the boys for us that day. They live in the metroplex, so it has all worked out well.

There are five things on "my list of things to do" that I am saving, praying and planning for. This is actually the first to be marked off of the list. It was just such a perfect time with Mom's retirement. The other four things are:

1) Take the boys to Disneyland or Disneyworld
2) Go to a Dallas Cowboy Football Game with my Dad
3) Visit my sister in Africa
4) Go on a cruise with Wade

Anyway, we are really excited. This morning we got in the racing mood with the annual Cub Scout Pine Wood Derby. Pictures will be posted soon. Wade and the boys(mainly Wade) worked really hard on cars. Cason got to participate in the family round even though he could not offically compete. I love to watch Wade and the boys interact in these fun ways. He is such a good Daddy.
I guess I will leave it at that for now. Oh, and while I am "randoming", I am watching the Miss America Pageant. It is very...different this year. Odd, really. Oh, and mercy on the talent competition. Simon Cowell would have a stroke!

Monday, January 21, 2008


No school today! It is 10:00am and I am still in my pj's, drinking my second cup of coffee, at the computer. (sigh....) I decided to post about my week last week. It was a hard week. For reasons that we still do not know, my Uncle Wilson chose to take his own life on Tuesday. He is my dad's oldest brother. Uncle Wilson has always been a part of my life, even though I did not see him very often. As the priest said at his service, he was a very "quirky" man. He was also very loveable. The blessing of all of this is the sweet time we spent with family on Friday.
Now it feels kind of funny to hear myself say this. You see, I have not always enjoyed going to family reunions of any kind. I have always been annoyed by all of these strange people, talking all at once, about all the things they did when they were little. We as the little children are supposed to laugh merrily and pretend to know exactly what they were talking about. Well, the tide has changed. I caught myself, being a strange person, talking at the same time to everyone, about all the things we did when we were little. No matter how different we all are (and seriously, there are several who are REALLY DIFFERENT, think Christmas Vacation)we are FAMILY. And that is precious. We left Friday afternoon, all with a strong resolve to get together this summer when Cheryl and her family are in the states.
On a less serious note, we were all standing around at the cemetary and decided to take pictures. This was the first time that we have seen one of my uncles and his family since my Grandpa passed away in '95. We all gathered around and took pictures and did not think anything of it. Yesterday, my dad posted this pictures on his blog. What we did not realize is that my Uncle Wilson's casket is in the background of all of the pictures.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oh, Bella!

One of my students gave me a Pekingese puppy for Christmas. Here are some pictures of our furry new family member.

Our new daughter.

It was love at first sight!

Okay, so I know SHE is a dog and all, but I finally have little girl to put bows in her hair. Her signiture color is PINK!

Science Fair Project

Yeah, another project! Bryson had to do a science fair project about John Glenn. Actually, it's more like a biography done in a science fair format. He was excited! He told us, "Be sure and take a picture so we can put it on our blog." So here it is.

They had a Q & A session where parents could come in and ask questions about their project.

His teacher was impressed, he actually knew so much about John Glenn.

Busted! When I was downloading these pics I found a bunch of pics of things like the TV, computer, toilet, ect.... We were puzzled as to who took them till we came across this one!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Santa was good to the Procter boys

Slow as usual, you can see it's well after new year's before I got the pictures from Christmas posted! We had a great Christmas, and made it back from Sterling City & San Angelo safely. The boy's made out like bandits! Call if you ever have a question about power rangers or are stumped by a question from a game show. I've spent every free minute since Christmas becoming an expert in these subjects thanks to my kids. If you want to know about Elvis skip me and go straight to Bryson or Nana; I'm still lacking in that area.

The boys discovering the stash left by Santa!

Bryson and Cason playing with their toys on Christmas morning.

The boys both got a Nintendo D/S ; wish we'd thought of this earlier they were captavated and quiet for hours!

Can't think of the last time Cason was this still or quiet!

The Nintendo D/S was a hit with both boys, still waiting for them to let me have a turn though!

Christmas day at the King's house

This year we to Sterling City to have Christmas at the Money's (Nana & Papa) house. Christmas day we all went into San Angelo to spend the day at Tommy & Pat's (Cherise's uncle & aunt).

Lynn and kids, sang for everyone. Papa, Bryson, Cason, & Jaron (Carlon's son)

Bryson, Cason, and Jaron help sing all our christmas favorites and a few more.

Cason & Jaron enjoyed entertaining Graddaddy!

Papa putting on a show.

Family pictures

One of the biggest downsides to having a house full of family on Christmas is that someone always wants a picture! LOL! It's always an adventure, especially when kids who'd much rather be playing with their new toys are involved.

The King Family.

The Cousins! Tanner, Jeff, Cherise, & Carlon (you were truelly missed, Cheryl)

The Cousins are now all married! Tanner & Joanna, Jeff & Rebecca, Cherise & "that guy", and Carlon & Raven

Giving Granddaddy his gifts.

We went to visit Granddaddy at his new home the Royal Estates, in San Angelo; and gave him his presents to open.

What would Christmas be without a Nascar calender?

Cason was helping Granddaddy open his gifts.

Pants! Granddaddy got pants; and Cason was happy for him.

Christmas at the Money's

Bryson & Cason weren't the only ones to get gifts this year!(Although they did seem to get more than the rest of us.) The adults managed to get a few gifts from under the tree.

Look! Nana & Papa finally made it off the "Naughty" list; they actually got presents this year.

Papa's new shirt! Our gifts don't seem as exciting as the boys; must be an age thing.

Cherise got a new lap top computer and 4-in-1 printer! (Ok, this gift really was as exciting as the toys.) Cherise reacted about as excitedlly as the boys did with their gifts!

Nana had a stocking full of goodies; here she is with her "special" candy.

Papa got a stocking loaded with goodies, as well!

Bryson made off like "the king", Elvis that is.

Bryson did pretty well for himself this year! Much like his brother, Bryson's gifts seem to follow a theme. It was either Elvis related or had something to do with game shows. Hey the kid knows what he likes!

Nana & Papa gave Bryson a nice Bible, much like the one I got for my birthday. The boys like that we now have matching Bibles.

Bryson with his mountain of gifts!

"It's the Press Your Luck DVD interactive game! Just what I always wanted!"
A direct quote from Bryson.

It's an Elvis CD! I thought we already had every song he ever recorded; guess not!

It's the Jeopardy home version. What kid doesn't idollize Alex Tribeck?

Cason had a good Christmas!

I'm not sure what list Santa was looking at, but somehow Cason was on the "nice" list judging by what all he got! Just joking, he's really is a good kid; although a little hyper(not sure where he got that?)sometimes.

The power ranger rescue/assault vehicle!(0r fire truck as he calls it)

Look! power rangers! Almost everything Cason got had something to do with power rangers.

Hey, it's a power ranger watch; Go figure?

Cherise and I got the boys each a Nintendo D/S, hand-held game system. One guess on what kind of game Cason got.

See not everything was power rangers! Nana & Papa got him a Bible, like daddy's.

Christmas Eve cookie making.

We spent Christmas eve in Sterling City, at Nana & Papa's house. Cherise and the boys had fun messing up Nana's kitchen; I mean making cookies for Santa.

Cherise is rolling out the cookie dough so the boys can make Christmas cookies for Santa.

Cason liked using the cookie cutters; he thought it was alot like playing with play-dough.

Bryson making his cookies.

Cherise, Cason, & Bryson in Nana's kitchen making cookies on Christmas eve.