Saturday, December 13, 2008

To do....

Things I need to do...

-clean out Bryson's room
-move Bryson into Cason's room
-redecorate Bryson's and Cason's room
-paint baby room
-find curtains for baby room
-find comforter that matches baby bedding to go on day bed in baby room
-fold ALL the laundry on the bed in baby room
-finish addressing Christmas cards, stuff them and get them in the mail
-finish parent gifts for my kindergarten class

Things I did today...

-slept in till 9:00am
-cuddled on my bed with Cason and watched a movie
-played "restaurant" with Cason
-folded SOME laundry on bed in baby room
-added more clean clothes to the pile of laundry needing to be folded
-laughed with Bryson at the AFV episode he has watched 1000 (no joke) times
-cleaned the bathroom

I'm considering this to be an accomplished day... :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's a Girl!!!

We had our sonogram today and we are having a girl. The boys are very excited. They have both said from the start they want a sister. All is well here...our life is just very FULL right now. Wade has been working ALOT of hours lately. He worked for 6 solid weeks without a day off. That is 84 hours a week! Business is good, but we are all ready for a break and for him to be home. Things seem to be slowing down some, which is good.
I am enjoying teaching kindergarten, but it is very time consuming. All that and I'm tired,too! I have finally, just in the past two weeks, stopped being sick and weird with food. The good news is that food, Diet Coke and coffee taste good again. The bad news is I'll will start packing on the pounds now. I think the good out weighs the bad (no pun intended).
Bryson and Cason are doing great and loving school. Bryson is busy with cub scouts and Cason has been playing football. I PROMISE we will post pictures soon.
Blessings to all!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Prayers for Ella

I promise I will post soon with all of our "goings on." We are just busy and VERY tired. Please go to this link to find out about sweet Ella's story. I grew up with Amy, Ella's mom and have been praying for this sweet baby for many months now. God is good!

Clicking on the title "Prayers for Ella" should link you there, or use this link

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back Post Alert

I added a new post that somehow got "stuck" in the computer. Just FYI. Wouldn't want you to miss any of our adventures. :)
Just scroll down a bit and you will see some fun pictures from our time with the Cashes.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Letter to a friend...

Dear Diet Coke,

This is just a little note to let you know that I have not forgotten about you. I miss you terribly. I'm so sorry that the taste and even the smell of you make me sick right now. It has been six long weeks since I have experienced your joy. Please know that I still think of all the good times we have had over the past 20+ years. I feel sure that this is temporary. I know that Sonic misses me just as much as you do. But, for now, all my precious little baby will let me stomach is cold water, iced tea (!?!) and lemonade. I hope to see you soon, my friend.

Love and regrets,

P.S. Please let your good friend COFFEE know that I miss him too. However, the actual thought of him right now makes me violently ill....


Friday, August 8, 2008

Bryson's 9th Birthday

Bryson's Match game / swimming party.

Bryson James turned 9 on July 27th. We had his party on Monday at the church swimming pool. Over 20 kids showed up to enjoy the fun and celebrate our young man.
Bryson is still a game show junkie. His favorite game show right now is Match Game. This is an OLD game show from the 70's that plays on Game Show Network. Our friend Jolie did an awesome job on the cake, as usual. We enjoyed swimming, pizza, chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-A and cake. Bryson came up with menu. :)
We are so proud of Bryson and all he has accomplished in his young life. He is growing and maturing into a wonderful, godly, young man.
Happy Birthday, Bryson. You are so very loved!!!!

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They're here!

Just stumbled across this blog, somehow we forgot to publish. The saddest part is they are about to return to Africa.
We loved having them here. We are going to meet up with them this week-end for one last fun and activity filled time.
I love the pictures of "the cousins". I love that even though MANY miles seperate us for long periods of time, the relationship continues to grow and get stronger.
We love you, Cashes. Hurry back! (February, maybe...:))

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