Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tag, I'm it!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Odessa Permian 28 Abilene High 21

It was an amazing game. Have I mentioned that MOJO is back?

More later.........Have a blessed day!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Back in Black

Well, ladies and gentlemen, football is here. As you can tell from the title of our blog, we are much involved in the cheering of our local team. I have to say that it was my husband, not I, who named this blog. The fever is very catching.

I have always loved Mojo football, having been raised here. In fact, we still sit in the same seats that I grew up sitting in at the stadium. This year was a banner year in that regard. With my parents moving away, my dad signed these season tickets over to Wade and I. I think there were some tears shed on his part. It is part of our heritage, as superficial as it may seem. So now, we carry on the tradition of going to every home game, not leaving until the school song has been played and my boys have "slapped five" with every one of the football players. I also cherish the tradition that continues to live on in our family.

Speaking of heritage and traditions....our Permian Panthers are 7-0 and ranked number 5 in the state. Next week, we will travel to Abilene to watch the game. We will be playing the number 6 state ranked team, Abilene High. It will be awesome and we WILL be in the stands. All the way to state....(cue AC/DC "Back in Black") GO MOJO!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My First Meme

1. Shoulder pads.

2. Perm.

3. Stirrup pants.

4. Big bangs teased up and back (see High School yearbook for visual...not pretty)

5. Size 16.

So there you have it. Now I am going to tag Darla, Nicole, Heather and Cheryl. Until next time...Blessings, Reese

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Reese's 33rd Birthday

Reese's 33rd Birthday! We celebrated her B-day early on Sat. the 6th (good thing, she was sick on the 8th.) We ate at Harrigan's then went to Grandaddy's for cake & presents. It was odd being at his house without him being there. (He's staying in Sterling City during his rehab.)

What a beautiful or at least colorfull cake! (Cherise bought her own cake.)

Cason's ready for some cake!

Nana & Papa want cake too!

Let's get this party started!

Spitt'n on the cake, at least that's what Papa calls it!

The Gifts

The best part of the Birthday, unless you count the cake. Cherise must have been good this year; can that be right? Well, she racked up the gifts anyway.

The boys gave her a Tony Stewart blanket.

Wall hanging from Nana & Papa.

Bryson liked the Elvis card, Cherise liked the cash!

Thanks Granddaddy!!

Reese got a new phone, a pink one at that!

Bryson's School Program

Bryson's Under the Sea Program & Luncheon at St. John's.

The 2nd graders putting on their first program of the year.

That's our little sailor!

Bryson (aka: The Singing Sailor)

The 2nd grade put on their program & then had a special luncheon; where each student brought their favorite seafood.

Cherise & Bryson at the seaside luncheon. (that's Mrs. Flowers, Bryson's teacher, behind them to the left, in the black.)

Bryson & Cason @ school

Found these pics on our digital camara from the beginning of the school year. So hear they are!!(just one month late, not too bad)

First day of school!!

Bryson & Cason were both excited to finally get to use their lunch boxes!

Cason being cute at school.

Bailey even got to go to school! St. John's had a blessing of the animals day.

Bailey Got Blessed!

Not sure what these links are? They didn't used to be there....Hmmm??

Elvis celebration

Bryson loves Elvis! He was so excited to get to go to an Elvis concert, even though it's an impersonater. Vince was very good, and Elvis-like; without the cheesyness most impersonaters have.
Elvis's number one fan!!

The performance was unbelievable! Are you sure this guy isn't Elvis?

He put's on quite a show!

After the concert Bryson got to meet Elvis, or at least Vince. Cason found the music soothing(he slept through most of the concert)!

He may not be the "real" deal, but he's good. Vince is an Elvis fan as well as a preformer. Bryson can't wait till he comes back in January.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Okay, so I have been lurking on many blogs for a while now. A few months ago my wonderful husband created a blog of our own. I have thought about writing many times and have even composed some really great posts in my head. So, today is the day. This is really just a test post. I promise that I will begin keeping up with the blog world. So for all who are interested, add me to the roll. I'm in......