Saturday, October 20, 2007

Back in Black

Well, ladies and gentlemen, football is here. As you can tell from the title of our blog, we are much involved in the cheering of our local team. I have to say that it was my husband, not I, who named this blog. The fever is very catching.

I have always loved Mojo football, having been raised here. In fact, we still sit in the same seats that I grew up sitting in at the stadium. This year was a banner year in that regard. With my parents moving away, my dad signed these season tickets over to Wade and I. I think there were some tears shed on his part. It is part of our heritage, as superficial as it may seem. So now, we carry on the tradition of going to every home game, not leaving until the school song has been played and my boys have "slapped five" with every one of the football players. I also cherish the tradition that continues to live on in our family.

Speaking of heritage and traditions....our Permian Panthers are 7-0 and ranked number 5 in the state. Next week, we will travel to Abilene to watch the game. We will be playing the number 6 state ranked team, Abilene High. It will be awesome and we WILL be in the stands. All the way to state....(cue AC/DC "Back in Black") GO MOJO!!!


Cheryl said...

Football makes me happy. :-) Hope all goes well next week! Our congrats to Darren and his coaching staff...and all the players...for bringing Mojo back!!!

Larissa said...

At first I didn't even get MOJO, now I do. If I had never been to Midland, I would have no clue what that was! And actually is it Midland or Odessa? If it's not 2 or 3a, then I have no clue.

Darla said...

You guys are going to Abilene this weekend? I wish we were all well, so we could meet up with you. I miss you guys so much!!

April Carrasco said...

Glad you are blogging :)!!

Robyn said...

Hey, Wade and Cherise! I'm excited to find your blog and catch up with you guys. Sounds like life is great . . . your boys are adorable!

Robyn Moudy Barnett

Nicole said...

Bradley's ringer on my phone is Back in Black just for Permian. :)

Jude has the same Permian jersey and he wore it to the game. They look so cute in their black jerseys.

I LOVE that you are sitting in the same seats that your parents have had for years. That rocks. I love Permian!!! And always will!