Tuesday, March 11, 2008

San Diego is good to be home. I had an AMAZING trip. I am still trying to process all I heard and learned. I'm sure it will take several posts as I form these feelings and thoughts and try to put them out there.
I would love to share some pictures with you. However, I forgot to take my camera! But, never fear, that is what disposable cameras are for, right. Well, I purchased my overpriced ($15!!!) camera and commenced to take picture after picture of all our adventures.
Funny thing about those cameras. If you leave them in your purse as they go through x-ray at airport security, all of the pictures disappear! What a neat trick, huh! :-(
So, let me take you on a virtual tour for just a second. Picture with me...

-the beautiful Pacific Ocean
-palm trees
-the Hotel Del Coronado (The Del)
-In-n-Out Burger (yes, I ate a hamburger and fries...okay, half a hamburger and fries. It was delicious!)
-the street sign that read "Sassafrass"...just for you, Nicole :)
-Trisha standing in front of a Pepsi machine with a frown on her face. (the resort we stayed at only served Pepsi products. We had to leave and drive to the nearest store to stock up on Diet Coke)

Everything went off without a hitch (except for that whole Pepsi thing). However, when we arrived at the airport, we were informed that our flight had been cancelled. All flights into DFW were cancelled due to SNOW. What!?! No worries...Trisha called her daddy, who told us he had free tickets on Southwest we could use. His secretary had us booked on a flight within 15 mins. Instead of going through DFW, we went through Phoenix and Albuquerque. We did have to stop in both places and change planes, so our poor luggage did not arrive home until 12 hours after we did. Oh well.
It was a great trip and I can hardly wait to go again.


Darla said...

Oh the joys of traveling. Those crazy stories just helps us to remember what fun you really had.Glad you are home safe.

Jana said...

Trisha posted on my blog about your trip to California; what a blessing for both of you!

I never got to stay at "The Del", but I did get to walk through the lobby and around the grounds several years ago. I was envious of the people who were actually staying there. I don't feel so badly now that I know you were forced to drink Diet Pepsi. There is nothing more wretched than a Diet Pepsi.

The conference sounded inspiring; I'm so glad you and Trisha were able to go. I'll check your blog again for more details of your trip.

And big bummer on the camera thing.
The only thing worse than having no camera would be to drink a Diet Pepsi. :-)

Your new Lubbock friend :-)
Jana Anderson

Trisha said...

So fun! I am still having a bit of a hard time re-entering my world of responsibilities!

I can't believe Cherise forgot to mention the pictures we took with Bibleman himself! I know some people look for Hollywood stars in California, but my kids were thrilled to see me standing next to Bibleman!

It was a wonderful trip! We probably need to make a follow-up trip to the lake to process all we learned and plan for the next one!

Trisha said...

Just to clarify--we didn't stay at the Del, but we did walk around and eat an ice cream cone there!

It was a children's pastor's conference, after all...

Happy Mama said...

Loved the "pictures" :) How fun you got to stay at The Del- it is a beautiful place and the nicest beaches there I think. We sat out on the deck and ate truffles and looked at diamonds and at all the rich people, but never stayed there...pretty sad huh? Oh well, we had fun! :) Glad you are back safe and refreshed!

Larissa said...

I'm glad you had fun. I had no idea that would happen with your camera!!! It sounds absolutely beautiful.

suzanne said...

So sorry about the camera, but I must admit that, that explains some things that have happened to me before (Washington DC pictures that never turned out). Anyway, thanks to your vivid storytelling, "I can picture it now, and it's breathtaking". $10 if you can tell me where that line came from. Don't disappoint me! I'm glad you had a good trip.

Procters said...

Trisha: So when is that lake trip?

Suzanne: Christmas Vacation:)

realitymomma said...

ok, way to go on getting the quote from sue! what a great trip and isn't funny when you are on a trip like that, some things are "humorous" not "challenging" or maybe it was the in-and-out burget that made it all ok! that's a great joint (even got a t-shirt from it) glad you are back and the mentals are more than the pics themselves. can't wait to hear the thoughts.