Thursday, April 10, 2008


I have been sitting here for a while trying to think of something to say about our week-end. The fact of the matter is, there are just no words. It was unbelievable. I hope that you enjoy the pictures. The video clip at the bottom is of the first full throttle to start the race. The sound and force of that moment is indescribable. It literally took my breath away. One funny story. On the video you see the back of this guy who was sitting next to us. I'm not sure how many beers he consumed before sitting down, but you will see a picture of how many he consumed during the race. He liked us. He wanted to be our friend. At one point he handed Wade is IPhone and asked him to type in our name and number so he could keep in touch. Then he took a picture of us to put with our number. The kicker was when he handed Wade his IPhone again and left. He was gone for 45 minutes. I'm not sure what all Wade typed into the guys phone, but he was having fun. That poor guy is going to sober up and wonder who in the world those people are and why he has our number:-)

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It was my first NASCAR race. It was certainly not my last.


April Carrasco said...

Tony Stewart?!? I am shocked. That is all I can say.

Darla said...

Glad you guys had so much fun. I can't wait till the next race at Texas motor speedway. I love all those great pictures.

Sherilyn said...

Your pictures turned out alot better than mine did! I always got the back of Tony's car and can't even see his number in my pictures! I'll have to say that this was much more exciting than the dirt track races I went to with Dad when I was a kid. Those were fun, too, but this was a BLAST....literally! I loved everything about it...the SOUND, the smell of burning rubber and fuel, people watching (whoa!) and most of all, sharing the experience with you! We're already searching for tickets for the November race! "So reach down and pull those seat belts tight one more time!! know the rest........!)

Cheryl said...

I'm so glad you guys had fun! Loved the pictures!!!