Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's a Girl!!!

We had our sonogram today and we are having a girl. The boys are very excited. They have both said from the start they want a sister. All is well here...our life is just very FULL right now. Wade has been working ALOT of hours lately. He worked for 6 solid weeks without a day off. That is 84 hours a week! Business is good, but we are all ready for a break and for him to be home. Things seem to be slowing down some, which is good.
I am enjoying teaching kindergarten, but it is very time consuming. All that and I'm tired,too! I have finally, just in the past two weeks, stopped being sick and weird with food. The good news is that food, Diet Coke and coffee taste good again. The bad news is I'll will start packing on the pounds now. I think the good out weighs the bad (no pun intended).
Bryson and Cason are doing great and loving school. Bryson is busy with cub scouts and Cason has been playing football. I PROMISE we will post pictures soon.
Blessings to all!


Cheryl said...

Pink....glorious PINK!!!!!

And BOWS!!!!! And CLOTHES!!! And SHOES!!!!

And you can name her Cheryl!!! :-)

Please tell her I love her already.
(Cason knew! wink wink) YAY!!!!!!!

April Carrasco said...

Yippy! I am so happy for you guys. How fun it will be to have a girl. I am a little partial to 2boys and a girl! Congrats!

Robyn said...

How exciting!!! It's always exciting to get both kinds. Congratulations!

Rochelle said...

Congrats! I saw you at the Permian/OHS game walking up the stands. I was too far away to say hi and the crowd was out of control as usual. You looked great!

suzanne said...

YEEAAHHHH!!! I'm so excited that it's a girl (and that I was right :) I'm glad you're feeling better. Also, I need your e-mail address because I need the "scoop" on something!

Mommysmart said...

Congrats on the girl! AND on the diet coke and coffee. Glad to hear that you are feeling better.

Richelle said...

Hey!!! Congrats on the girl!!!! We're having a girl too and my boys are sooooo excited as are my parents.
Richelle (Caton) Cloud

Happy Mama said...

CONGRATS!!! That is so exciting! You are going to have the most fun with that little girl! Blessings to you and your sweet family! I can't wait to see her pictures all over your blog!