Saturday, December 13, 2008

To do....

Things I need to do...

-clean out Bryson's room
-move Bryson into Cason's room
-redecorate Bryson's and Cason's room
-paint baby room
-find curtains for baby room
-find comforter that matches baby bedding to go on day bed in baby room
-fold ALL the laundry on the bed in baby room
-finish addressing Christmas cards, stuff them and get them in the mail
-finish parent gifts for my kindergarten class

Things I did today...

-slept in till 9:00am
-cuddled on my bed with Cason and watched a movie
-played "restaurant" with Cason
-folded SOME laundry on bed in baby room
-added more clean clothes to the pile of laundry needing to be folded
-laughed with Bryson at the AFV episode he has watched 1000 (no joke) times
-cleaned the bathroom

I'm considering this to be an accomplished day... :)


Darla said...

Go girl! and welcome back to the blog world. I need pictures of your little guys and soon. Also If I can help with finding curtins or matching bedding I can help!

Sherilyn said...

This is probably why you are the way you are, but in my opinion, you got the most important things accomplished! Your children's holiday memories will be about the things you did with them yesterday.....They certainly won't remember or even care whether their room is decorated or not. And the laundry? Folding and putting everything away immediately is waaaaaay over rated anyway. At least they have clean clothes! :-)

suzanne said...

That is absolutely and accomplished day! It's more than I did today and I'm pretty sure that some form of mold is growing out of Ryder's room! How are you feeling? How much longer?

realitymomma said...

you make me laugh. however, i can relate and have had those days. the list piles up, but the reality takes over. you will get it done though. somehow it all comes together.