Thursday, January 3, 2008

Santa was good to the Procter boys

Slow as usual, you can see it's well after new year's before I got the pictures from Christmas posted! We had a great Christmas, and made it back from Sterling City & San Angelo safely. The boy's made out like bandits! Call if you ever have a question about power rangers or are stumped by a question from a game show. I've spent every free minute since Christmas becoming an expert in these subjects thanks to my kids. If you want to know about Elvis skip me and go straight to Bryson or Nana; I'm still lacking in that area.

The boys discovering the stash left by Santa!

Bryson and Cason playing with their toys on Christmas morning.

The boys both got a Nintendo D/S ; wish we'd thought of this earlier they were captavated and quiet for hours!

Can't think of the last time Cason was this still or quiet!

The Nintendo D/S was a hit with both boys, still waiting for them to let me have a turn though!


suzanne said...

You can't be any slower than I am. I posted today, but it didn't have much to do with Christmas. I haven't downloaded those pictures yet but will try to get it done before January ends. Cute pictures; your parents look exactly the same!

realitymomma said...

hey, this is amy (lee). been looking at your blog from off of sue's blog.

ds's are great. that is what syd got. is it wrong to get a 4 yr ol one for her b-day, so we can quite fighting over them?

great fam pics, what a happy holiday!