Friday, June 20, 2008


Respite- a period of temporary delay; an interval of rest or relief.

The boys and I are about to leave for a much needed respite. The only downside is that Wade has to stay and work. We are going to the lake with our friends Trisha, Alex, Katy, Elijah and Olivia. (Mr. Ben has to work, too.) The change of scenery will be refreshing for all of us.
I am loving the thought of sitting on the patio with a Diet Coke, overlooking the beautiful lake, visiting with my sweet friend. I am also excited because a friend of Trisha's is going to meet us there. What is so exciting is that Jana is also one of my sister's dearest friends. I have heard so much about her, but have never been able to spend time with her.
Cheryl, your ears will be burning! We will be making many plans for your arrival in the Lone Star State. That will be in 18 days!!! Not that we're counting or anything. :)
Happy week-end, my friends!


suzanne said...

I just thought of you. We were watching Friday Night Lights earlier and to top it off, I was drinking a diet coke. I hope I make you proud :)

Procters said...

That's my girl, Suz! :)

Darla said...

That sounds like lots of fun take lots of pictures!

Cheryl said...

Oh, how I wish I was with you!!! Three of my very favorite people...all in one terrific place. Love you so much---

Nicole said...

So I am guessing that Cheryl is there?? I'm pretty sure it has been 18 days since this post. I'm behind and I totally apologize! Give everyone a hug for me! Love you!