Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bryson as Elvis

Bryson, our huge Elvis fan, wanted to be Elvis again! He had decided he wanted to be Elvis for Halloween before we got home from our trip to Graceland.

Here he's testing out the costume while performing a whole Elvis concert! ( I tried to get it on video, but he quits as soon as the camara comes out.)

Elvis is now leaving the building! These were taken at St.Johns Kooky Karnival.

Bryson with two of his best friends, Morgan & Madison. He calls them, "his girls."

Elvis and the pirate twins. (almost sounds like one of his movies!)


Cheryl said...

What a great Elvis!!! And kudos on the Indian Village.
I miss you guys so much!

Nicole said...

Glen was Elvis for Halloween too. They would have made a great pair. Bryson made a SUPER Elvis. I just think that it is so cute he loves him.

Darla said...

Bryson does make a great Elvis. I have a kid in my class who is a BIG Elvis fan. He actual performs in different places. It been funny all his projects or stories we have done somehow have Elvis in them.