Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Family, Fun Times and Football

These past couple of weeks have been filled with fun times. The Friday before Thanksgiving, the boys and I drove to Brownwood for Permian's first play-off game. Wade had to work so we went with Susan Allman and her three kids. Susan's husband Darren is the head football coach at Permian. We were very proud of ourselves for driving by ourselves with all of the kids in tow. The boys and I met up with Matt, Darla and kids the next morning. We were playing against Mansfield High, which is the school district that Matt and Darla live in.
Darla and I had a HUGE surprise. While we were waiting in line to eat at Underwoods Cafeteria, my boys took off running towards this guy in the parking lot. It took me by surprise, since this is unusual for my boys. It was Wade and Darla's brother Darran, who just got back from a 14 month tour in Iraq! He and his wife, Tania, and their two girls, Reagan and Sfrona came to go to the game with us. Matt knew he was coming to surprise us and had secretly purchased tickets for us all to sit together on the MANSFIELD side at the game. Yes, I sat on the opposing side. It was so worth it to all be together as a family. I felt so sorry for Wade, who was stuck at work in Odessa. I cried for him.
I'm sure you are all wondering where all of the wonderful pictures are of this fun- filled family adventure. Well, I assure you they are tucked safely inside my camera. Wade has been trying for 2 days to download all of our pictures without success. Our computer is old and is having a hard time right now. So, rest assured, soon (I hope) I will post some wonderful pictures of all of these fun events. I even have pictures of the trophy presentation after the game. Since we were with the Allman's, the boys and I got to be down on the field. The boys were very excited!(and so wasI!) Did I mention that we won that game 60-21.
Stayed tuned for pictures...That seems to be a recurring theme with this blog...


Cheryl said...

3018How cool is that?!?!? Will Darran be in the States now for awhile?
So fun. It would only be improved if both Wade's long lost brother and YOUR long lost sister showed up at the same time.
I'm kinda torn between which I'd be happier to or those Underwood rolls...its a tough call but I'll go with YOU!

Love you much!

Darla said...

Oh, what fun times we have had these last few weekends. I am sad that your MOJO team is not playing in Dallas this saturday, so we can meet up again. I miss you guys so much!

Darla said...

Fun times we did have. I just posted the same thing and have some pictures.I can also send pics your way if you would like from Thanksgiving?