Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cason our little Power Ranger!

Ok, I finally got the Halloween pictures put on, so enjoy! Cason has become obsessed with the Power Rangers. He is always battling invisible enemies, & providing his own sound effects. (Darla, does that sound like anyone you know?)

Cason, aka the Red Ranger, Powering up! (or is he morphing? I can't ever tell.)

Red Ranger with his Power staff. Cason loves his costume, especially the fake muscles!

Cason at the Kooky Karnival. This kid has some energy! All he did was jump on the various jumpers for 2 hours straight.

Cason and his friends from school, giving us their best Power Ranger pose!


Cheryl said...

Why are all of Cason's pictures blurry? :-) He must be constant motion like a little boy I live with...
Oh I can't wait to be with you guys!!! Love you--

Nicole said...

He was a POWER RANGER mom!! Power Rangers are SUPPOSE to have energy!! HA. Sounds a lot like Jude!!

Darla said...

I can hear his sound effects now. He looks great! I can't wait to see you guys Saturday. I am not sure who is more excited Brylie or me to see you guys.