Monday, December 10, 2007


Hello to all of our friends in blogland. These past couple of weeks have been very busy and filled with sickness. Last Friday, Bryson threw up at school and had a fever. The stomach bug passed after 24 hrs, however he could not seem to kick the fever. Finally, on Sunday, I took him over to a good friend of ours to be checked out. Dr. James looked at his throat and said that it was probably strep and gave him some anitbiotic. (James is actually an OB/GYN. I'm going to have fun telling Bryson about that one day..."remember that time you were sick and I took you to the gynocologist....")

The smart and always on top of things mother that I am (HA!) stated that I should probably go ahead and start giving Cason the meds also. Of course I did not and Friday he came home with a fever. He actually kind of scared us because he had this HUGE lump on the side of his neck. What scared me was that he had his 4 yr. old immunizations on Wednesday (yes, I know, 8 months late, mother of the year...)and I was afraid that he could be having a reaction. Well, 2 hours and an ER visit later, we find out that he has strep. The lump was just an enlarged lymph node trying to fight off the infection.

So, that has been the story of our home. Even amidst the strep, we have made a couple of trips to see my parents and prepare for the holdidays. I love this time of year, however, it is never quite the same without my sister and her family. I always miss them most during this time. This next week is going to be a busy one. Starting today through next Tuesday we have 3 Christmas Pageants and 2 Birthdays to celebrate. The advent candle that we began lighting for this week is "PEACE". I pray for peace and a whole lot of Grace!

I hope you have a blessed and peaceful week!

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM.....WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kristi w said...

Bless your heart! We just finished a weekend of all five of us having the stomach flu. I have never seen so much vomit (sorry.). I hope you have a great holiday season!

Darla said...

Oh, those sound like some sick boys! I hope they get to feeling better soon so they can enjoy all the fun coming up.

April Carrasco said...

Man, sickness stinks. Sorry it has hit your house. I hope everyone is 100% now.

Cheryl said...

I'm so sorry they have been sick.

And I miss you so much too.

And, Bryson will have Alex to counsel with when we break it to them that a Gynacologist treated them...Isn't James the one who treated Alex when he was a baby?

And I miss you too. :-)

Larissa said...

I'm glad yall are feeling better! It seems that is going around everywhere!

suzanne said...

Sounds like everyone is sick right now. It's almost Christmas and that's got to make you happy. I hope things get better soon!