Monday, February 25, 2008

I Believe: Part Two

I know this post has been a while in the making. I have had to really think about what it is I believe in now. I really do not have any profound or inspirational things to say to begin this post. I will just begin...

-I believe Jesus is the son of God.
-I believe he died for my sins.
-I believe God is who he says he is.
-I believe God can do what he says he can do.
-I believe I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
-I believe God's word is alive and active in me.
-I believe I am saved by grace.
-I believe there is an active spiritual world and battles that I do not see.
-I believe I am safe, protected by the Holy Spirit in me.
-I believe God adores praise and worship.
-I believe God is honored with instrumental worship.
-I believe acapella worship is my love language.
-I believe each person has his/her own personal relationship with God.
-I believe in the love I have for my husband.
-I believe in the love my husband has for me.
-I believe we will be together until death parts us.
-I believe in the incredible power and brilliance of an autistic mind.
-I believe Bryson has abilities that many will never have.
-I believe Bryson will form precious relationships in his life, will get married and have a family.
-I believe Cason is the happiest child in the world.
-I believe Cason seeks pure joy in life.
-I believe in precious friendships that last for ages.
-I believe in the power God has as he reconnects people throughout our journey on earth.
-I believe my parents did everything right in raising children. I want to parent like they parent.
-I believe my sister is and always will be my hero.
-I believe every person has what it takes to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. It is a choice.
-I believe in the simple pleasures of diet coke and coffee.
-I believe a hot bath can cure a bad mood.
-I believe in Mojo football :-)
-I still believe in the power of a song.
-And I will always, for the rest of my life on earth, believe in "real" mashed potatoes.

When I write it all out, it sure does not seem like much. I know that I believe in so much more, I just can not put it into words...yet. Part of me is a little afraid of the reaction of some of things that I may believe in. I know that I still have a lot more growing to do.


Mommysmart said...

I love your list and find that we have very similar beliefs.

We were members at Richland Hills church when they began to make some changes. I really had to ask myself "What do I believe?" I wrote about it and even keep it in my sidebar on my blog to remind me of the search that I went through.

I think that it is really great when life makes you think about what you believe. I also think that it is good to re-evaluate from time to time what you believe. As I get older, some of my beliefs have change.

I do have to agree with you about those "real" mashed potatoes. Some things really NEVER change.

Keep on believin'!

Nicole said...

Ok. Awesome list. I have tears in my eyes from reading it and not the reason that most people would suspect. I was fine, great, dandy, UNTIL.....I got to the " I believe in Mojo football". Those words are so precious. So many people will think that is a WAY dumb statement, but I do not. I love you Cherise. I am thankful for you. I love that we share the bubble bath theory!! :) You are an amazing friend!!! GO MOJO!

realitymomma said...

love the thoughts, thanks for reminding us all of what we believe!

Happy Mama said...

I love this blog- it takes courage to take a stand and commit to believe in something. Saying it out loud makes us live it louder. I am in full agreement with all, especially the potatoes....with real butter... :)

suzanne said...

I love what you said about God being honored by instrumental music, but acappella worship is your love language. That's profound and I promise that I'm not being sarcastic...I love that!

Darla said...

I so enjoy reading what you believe. We are so much alike in our believes.

Here is one for ya. I believe that God didn't bless me with a sister of my own but truly blessed me with so much more, a sister-in-law.

Cheryl said...

I love you.

Proud Parents said...

I loved reading your list. But I have to tell you something very much off the subject of your post. I had a long, detailed dream last night that you guys lived in Abilene and Wade was the coach for The Jim Ned Indians! Crazy! It made me shake my head and say "What?!" when I woke up. Random thoughts are fun!

Larissa said...

It's so important to know what you believe, and to really BELIEVE in that!!! I love that! I too believe in the simple pleasures of diet coke, coffee, and oh yes, hot baths are a cure all!!! I take one every night!!! I also love the power of a can affect you so much in a good or bad way! I love the list, and I agree with every one!