Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pinewood Derby

One of the most exciting things about cub scouts is the annual pinewood derby. This is our second year to enter a car. Bryson is more into the theme of the car, than if it's fast or not. We finished 2nd over-all last year, but were 4th in our division this year. We went for style rather than speed! (lol)

Bryson finished 4th in the wolf division (2nd grade)

Bryson and Cason both had a car this year. Cason is our junior scout "mascot".

Bryson's Elvis car! (We had a Tony Stewart car last year.)

Cason's Power Ranger car!

Pack 91, pinewood derby contestants.


suzanne said...

How cute is that??? I can't wait for the days of car making and all that good stuff. I'm so excited to see yall tonight.

Sherilyn said...

Way to go, guys!! Good looking cars! What were those judges thinking?!! Nothing's faster or wilder than ELVIS!! Was it just going too fast to clock it accurately? I would demand a video replay! The Power Ranger car is awesome, too! It should have won a prize. Maybe I can be the race judge next year?

realitymomma said...

cute cars. i am afraid with all girls, i don't get that oppurtnity. however, some friends are coming to see us this weekend and we are going to a tractor pull. and i will say that is proba bly as red-neck as you can get! the cars are wonderful and what creativity! way to go....