Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day and a Meme

Happy Valentine's Day friends. We had a big day with all of our parties at school. Bryson is sick now, so the party has stopped. The boys are in bed and Wade is at work, so I decided to spend some time catching up on the blog.
I promise that the second part of my "I Believe" post is coming soon. However, I decided to throw my hat into the meme ring. Melanie tagged anyone who had not been tagged yet and I guess that would be me.
There are rules, but I am too lazy to post them. Here are 5 non-important habits/quirks about myself.

1. I love white noise. It is so comforting to me. I love to go to bed with the sound of the fan or my sound spa machine. The sound of the hair dryer makes me want to crawl up under the covers and take a long winters nap.

2. I have this incredible memory when it comes to music. I can usually sing a song from memory after only hearing it one or two times. I can also remember all of the words and moves to every single one of my masterfollies shows. What is even scarier is that I can remember most of the words from every Alpha Chi and CD show from when I was in school. Yes, it gets worse. My sisters shows. Yes, I can sing through all of my sisters masterfollies shows as well. I know. I'm a nerd.

3. For a long time, my dream was to become the first female football coach. I seriously considered this while career planning in high school.

4. I count when I am sitting still. I count the number of ceiling tiles, chair legs, etc. I can not tell you how many times a day I count the number of slats in my plantation shutters in my living room, or the number of tiles and light fixtures in my classroom. It is very OCD. In fact, if the number turns out odd, or a number I don't like, I will add something to make the number come out "right".

5. I have unusually short legs. I hide it well because I wear heals and long pants. I do not own a pair of true capri pants. All of the capri pants that I have bought hit me at mid calf or right above the ankle. My legs are so short that there is not much difference in my height when I am standing and sitting. Most restaurants I go to, my feet don't touch the ground and I look like a giant sitting with all of my friends. So, I slouch alot while sitting.

Well, there you have it. I tag Cheryl, Tania, and Monica.


suzanne said...

I can't remember what I ate for breakfast, much less follies shows. That's pretty amazing. It was so good to see you and it sounds like there may be an alumni Kappa vs CD's FB game next year. I guess if you really wanted to, you could be their coach :)

Nicole said...

Hey! I wanted to be the first female football coach too! We could've been coaching buddies. :)

I was always jealous of your learning songs quickly gift. I remember that about you. And your beautiful voice. Singing Acappella songs with you is one of my favorite memories of ALL time. :) I love you girl!

Mommysmart said...

You know Rocky is looking to hire a new assistant coach for next year. I think that I might know you well enough to know that you won't likely miss a Permian game on friday night, so I guess that wouldn't work out so good.

I enjoyed your list!

Cheryl said...

"Our next victim..."
"Our next victim..."
Sad, but after all those hours and hours dedicated to shows throughout college, those are the only words I remember from any of my shows. I'm glad someone can remember.

And the counting thing...I totally do that too! Except for me, its lines of buttons on the remote control or phone.

I absolutely never wanted to be a coach. Too much conflict. (as compared to the career I chose which is conflict-free...:-(
But the idea of you and Nicole rocking the coaching world is fun to think about. It's never to late you know...

Happy Mama said...

There's still time for the coaching- you go girl! The next Permian movie can be about you! Speaking of that- Nate and I were extras in the Friday Night Lights movie- it is such a funny story I'll have to share it sometime. :)

realitymomma said...

it is amazing how many of you all are ocd. i don't understand the counting and tapping and clicking or whatever you all do, but i think it is neat. i think my mind is too simple for that. i am jealous about the song learning. i listen to it 100 times and then have to look the lyrics up on the net.

Darla said...

So there were words to the songs in Master Follies. I could only do one thing and that was the moves. I think that must mean that I am a total visaul learner? I hope you are feeling better and everthing is okay.

Ben said...

Hi Procter's! Just found your blog and had to say hello. bw

Trisha said...

Don't know why Ben failed to mention that he's also a counter. I don't think I knew that about you, though! Y'all are both crazy! (I don't know what that says about me since you are two of my favorite people!)